Leave feedback, without leaving your app

Supra brings manual testing to the tools that you already use, so teams can ensure high quality software and deliver new features faster.

Use cases


Build a culture of product quality and customer empathy with frictionless feedback

Bug testing

Find bugs quickly and prevent critical incidents

Stakeholder feedback

Get rapid feedback to grow your product

Involve everyone in the journey to build incredible products

Faster feedback in the moment

Create a new testing session within Slack or Microsoft Teams and add critical details to keep your team on track.

Capture the full context to take action faster

When using your product, any team member or stakeholder can press “CMD \” to add comments seamlessly. All feedback is directly linked to features and bugs in your product including a screenshot, video and device details to diagnose problems and take action faster.

Synthesise feedback and prioritise changes

Prioritise feedback into what needs to be improved now vs. later. Auto-create tickets in Jira or Linear including relevant context to bring into your next sprint.

Close the loop within your existing workflow

Initiate feedback sessions right within Slack or Microsoft Teams. Quickly reply to stakeholders for further information to validate improvement ideas or prototypes.

Easy implementation for Web, iOS & Android

Installing Supra is quick and simple. Just copy-paste the header code into your app, and you're ready to go.

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